Atmospheric Systems

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Project Photos – Atmospheric Tanks – Ice Thermal Storage
  • Atmospheric Tanks – Sized to Fit Project Constraints 
  • Solutions for Limited or Expensive Space  – Tall Tanks with Small Footprint
  • Cylindrical or Rectangular Tanks – Welded or Bolted Steel, Concrete, Polymer
College Campus Application

Welded or Bolted Steel Tanks

Approx. 1,600 Ton Hours 30 Feet Tall 14 Feet in Diameter

High Schools and Colleges are some of the most common and important applications of thermal storage.

Retail and Mall Applications
Tanks selected to fit available space. Below roof line.

Single or Multiple tank options.

Small Rectangular Tanks

 Fit in corner of mechanical room.

50 ton hours
Process Cooling  – Brewery

Ice thermal storage with propylene glycol to cool fermentation tanks.
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High Rise Application
Concrete Tanks with Polyethylene Liner

11,000 ton hours

Below Ground Concrete Tank in Crowded Downtown Area

University Hospital – Malaysia
Ice thermal storage in hot, humid climates.

Minimum space for tank in reqion with high population density.  

Small Rectangular Steel or Polymer Tanks
Residential and rooftop packages. Mechanical room retrofit.
Tank selection relies on available space and imagination. 

Flexibility of tank design allows for thermal storage on the toughest projects.
​Contact Cryogel for no-cost tank selections and options based on your project constraints.