Pressurized Storage Tanks

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  • Horizontal or Vertical Pressure Vessels to fit available space.
  • Highest quality ASME Code Vessels filled with Ice Balls.
  • Above Grade – or –  Directly Buried with Vehicle Traffic Above – Indoor or Outdoors
Horizontal Vessels – Retrofit in older historic building

Six tanks selected to fit mechanical room space.
5,300 ton hours – pressurized
Industrial Clean Room  Application

Vertical Pressure Vessels 12 feet in diameter  –  24 feet tall Vertical configuration keeps tank area small.

Tanks remain below roof line and are finished with aesthetic enclosure.
Second Floor Installation

Six horizontal pressure vessels
6,300 ton hours
Keeps ground floor free for vehicle traffic
Underground Pressure Vessels

Four – 12 ft diameter x 60 foot long tanks Directly buried –  10,000 ton hours
— our best looking photo ——————————> tanks below grade with only manhole covers visible – loading dock and vehicle parking above tanks in conjested urban setting  
Retrofit of Existing Water Storage Tanks – Data Center

Existing tanks modified for Ice Ball thermal storage 2,100 ton hours  (notice snow on the ground in cold climate)

 Retrofit of chilled water tanks increases capacity by factor of 4 or 5.
Aircraft PCA Cooling

Clean, simple installation below concourse jetway.

Delivers fluid at 20 F to jetway fan coils for low temperature air.
Tank location and configuration limited only by cooling loads and imagination.
Contact Cryogel for no-cost tank selection and options.Ice thermal storage is possible with some imagination and flexibilty.