Cryogel Thermal Energy Storage

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During the past 30 years, Cryogel has shipped millions of Ice Balls for ice thermal storage installations around the world.

Schools, hospitals, airports, office buildings and manufacturing facilities are avoiding the use of expensive on-peak electricity by using Cryogel Ice Ball Thermal Storage.

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Made Simple – Energy is stored in Ice using low cost electricity at night to freeze Cryogel Ice Balls. Cool energy is released the next day for air conditioning or process cooling. Ice is formed inside the Cryogel Ice Balls installed in large tanks. Cryogel Ice Thermal Storage Systems produce energy cost savings and environmental benefits by using low cost off-peak electrical energy.

Four inch (103 mm) diameter Ice Balls can be installed in almost any shape or size of storage tank . . . steel, concrete, atmospheric or pressurized; above grade or buried. Flexibility is key to the application of Ice Ball systems in retrofit and new construction situations where ice thermal storage was not possible before. In addition, Ice Balls can be placed in existing tanks previously used for storage of other materials.

simple (sim’p’l), adj. 1. Free from complexity; not complicated. 2. of humble birth or station. 3. Marbles in a coffee can. 4.IceBalls.